CEHv7 Training and Certification – Identify Theft With CEHv7 Training

In this era of ever growing internet users and ever advancing technologies, to maintain the integrity and privacy of your information, it has become indispensable for any organization to acquire people efficient in handling such issues. CEHv7 certification holders are hired in any organization (both private and public sector) to keep information secure. CEHv7 training … [Read more…]

Revision Rhinoplasty Cost – How Much Can You Expect to Pay?

A person who has undergone rhinoplasty may sometimes suffer from scarring or some nasal irregularity. He or she may wish to consider undergoing revision rhinoplasty to rectify the problem. Most surgeons will offer their patients, at no extra cost, the opportunity to correct imperfections that were not adequately corrected, or resulted from the original rhinoplasty. … [Read more…]

Why Should You Hire Penetration Testers for Your Business?

Every business owner needs to be aware of the growing threat of cyber-attack. Vulnerable systems and networks can be compromised by a determined attacker, or in some cases merely by a semi-skilled opportunistic “script kiddie”. Once inside your network, a hacker may be able to download sensitive data (such as customer details, future merger strategy, … [Read more…]

How to Avoid Website Hackers, and What to Do When Hacked

Here’s a dirty trick that’s happening to more and more businesses each day. Your company homepage gets hacked and is injected with a malicious code designed to install on a visitor’s browser. Google and other search engines then list your website as dangerous, and people visiting your website are experience warnings from their browsers, spam … [Read more…]